Safe Haven Program

The Safe Haven Program provides daytime shelter and basic needs services to youth living on the streets. These emergency necessities alleviate the demands of survival that often distract youth from engaging in educational or health-related activities that ultimately lead to stability.

Services Include:

  • Day Shelter
  • Hot Meals
  • Showers
  • Hygiene Supplies/Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Communication (Internet and telephone) and Mail Services
  • Transportation
  • Clinical and Education Referrals
  • ID/Birth Certificate Acquisition Assistance
  • Special Events and Field Trips
  • Daily and Emergency Services for Companion Animals

Our resource center is the point of entry into higher commitment programming. Through the provision of basic needs in a safe and welcoming space, staffs take the first steps to build trust with the youth, encouraging them to identify and share their needs and issues and take steps toward wellness. The MFP direct service team provides a first line of counseling and conversation aimed at engaging the youth in opportunities such as health, education, and employment services. The Safe Haven Program has proven to be a successful entry point into intensive case management services where we provide crisis stabilization, linkages to health and mental health services, housing, and other services supporting stability and self sufficiency.

Informational materials and field trips link youth to free and specialized neighborhood services, while special events such as birthday parties and holiday celebrations seek to reconnect youth to the traditions of society.

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