Health & Well Being

The Health & Well Being Program provides youth with clinically and culturally appropriate medical, health, and mental health services. This program includes health education workshops to teach creative and realistic strategies addressing the most common health threats among homeless youth:

• Partner violence
• Substance Abuse
• Mental Health Issues
• Sexual Health Issues

Our 20-week Pregnancy and Parenting Group, implemented by MFP’s Clinical Director and a LCSW Clinical Supervisor from Vista Del Mar/HomeSafe, offers family therapy and education covering child development, nursing, available community resources, and literacy for youth who are expecting or parenting.

Our intensive Case Management services help youth identify needs and set manageable goals for success. Licensed and Master’s Level clinical case workers conduct crisis interventions, individual, and group therapy sessions to treat mental illness, addiction and social challenges, encouraging youth to practice self-care and recognize the harmful impact of high-risk behaviors. Our Case Managers continually advocate on behalf of  the youth by linking them to housing options, negotiating public benefits systems, and building relationships with community agencies to find affordable specialized services when needed.

Individualized Case Management
Crisis Intervention
Conflict Mediation
Anger Management, Stress Reduction and Coping Skills
Individual, Group and Family Counseling
Medical Clinic including STI and HIV testing (offered by onsite partner)
Substance Abuse Education
Violence Prevention
Health Assessments
Pregnancy & Parenting Program
Advocacy & Case Consultation

In 2011, MFP provided:

  • Basic health education to 1,714 youth;
  • 30 crisis interventions with youth facing suicidal/homicidal thoughts, acts of aggression, severe depression and psychotic or substance induced episodes;
  • Linkages to medical care for 325 youth;
  • Intensive case management services including therapy, advocacy, benefits assistance, shelter referrals, education and employment services to 312 youth; 
  • Parenting Workshops and Activities including therapy, education, case management, counseling, referrals and playgroup, and support services such as diapers and formula to 48 young parents.

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